Matt Drudge rules (link to funniest article ever)

The democrats/liberals might be a little upset, but hey, I deal with Bush bashing on a dialy basis. This isn’t even a bash, just AP facts.

[spoiler=“Article text”]‘YOU’RE GOING TO FIND US WORKING’

“So here’s what we’re going to fight for, and we’re going to fight for it every single day, not just through this election, but from the day we win until the day we raise our hands and every day thereafter. You’re not going to have to look for us on vacation. You’re going to find us working for America.” — Kerry Delivers Remarks At Campaign Event, Cleveland, OH, 7/7/04

Kerry has missed more than 80% of Senate votes this year, the AP reports.

Check out the pictures too on the link

yes first post aha nice find

I don’t like Bush, but he got Kerry on that one.

At least he knows more then golf :sure:


hahaha :p:


Being a big CTF buff, here is a picture of Senator Kerry capturing the flag for the blue team!

Haha :lol:

Like making waffles and injecting botox.


[question] he SNOWBOARDS. How much cooler can you get?? [/question]

[answer] try KITESURFING !! [/answer]

Why is he getting $158,100 (Senators Salary in '04) for doing 20% of his job? If I only showed up for work for 2 hours, instead of 8 hours, I sure wouldn’t make it to the president of that company… strange how our government works.

He makes waffles? Now I like him even more :thumb:


wow he did the job of a senator in only 20% of the time?
seems everything worked quite well in his state, and he must be quite efficient. :wink:

btw.: I think a president who does nothing is better than a president who does rubbish all the time

and making waffels and going snowboarding is damn cool.

Right on :p:


The nice thing about Bush is you know his beliefs. Unlike Kerry who is flip-flopping more than Bush is, how can you trust a leader if you dont know what he believes in?

Kerry wont even carry his home state come November…maybe take a look at that?

Yeah, that’s a great thing :thumb:

[size=1]We all knew Hitlers beliefs as well, was that a great thing about him too?[/size]
[size=1]Important note: I am not saying Bush is like Hitler or vice versa. I’m just making a dumb analogy :stuck_out_tongue:[/size]

So that’s what happened to hogzilla: ( :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. John Kerry killed hogzilla!!!

I don’t understand how you can trust a man who doesn’t do his job, and has barely ANY stances on subjects besides the fact that “Bush sucks”. This whole attitude is stupid too. People have been hating Bush before all this war crap. I remember them yelling about his tax cuts and all the crap right when he got in office. Libs are going to complain regardless. Michael Moore is convincing new people to hate Bush based on lies. ( or

Alrighty, thread closed :slight_smile: If you all want to debate politics, go into Ordered! This is Random…intelligent convo does not belong here (see my above post for evidence :P)