Care To Laugh Your FACE OFF? sick.jpg

I made this bg just for kicks, man this group turbonegro, is so lame, i mean take a look. Lemme know how much you laugh. Merry Christmas, after Christmas, and a Happy New Year.


I don’t get it… :sigh:

But hey, nice try and Merry Christmas and all that what you said!

Huh? :puzzled:

(in a Christopher Walken voice)
I cannot … express … in words … how deeply … disappointed … I am.

?? I guess you kinda have to know the people…

w0ot ??
waz ??
dat ??

I am not laughing nor is my face coming off.

I want a bloody refund.

my face is still intact…
Whats goin on here anyways? lol?


I don’t get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It didnt even make me smile. F! :wink:

I’ve been kicked in the balls and laughed harder then this poor excuise of what ever it is.

Wow. You guys are a bunch of downers. I know for a fact when you look at that background you have to think in your head, what the heck. Ok maybe not what the heck, but you know. I thought it was rather funny, thats why i made it. I do have a rather crazy sense of humor though, that doesn’t get along with the folks around here. I still look at that and get a smile, it’s so good. There is why you don’t do drugs ladies and gents. My face didn’t come off either, but it should have.

And you know Mister President down there, backed by Ice T is funny, ok well maybe not you guys.

Aaah, now I see it… it’s all about the background… hehe…

:sigh: [SIZE=1]I still don’t get it[/SIZE]

*Originally posted by Phil Jayhan *
**I guess were all just weird and your the only one that see’s the humorous light…

pj :sleep: **

yea please enlighten us :hr:

“you know that one joke? With that one Guy? and that one thing happened? It was soo funny”

i think it’s kinda like that. :h:

hmmmm… what joke, which guy? someone on the forum? :stuck_out_tongue:

ya know, that guy, the one with the hair


it not funny at all

i guess you are all fans of turbonegro, and don’t like me to put fun at that. Note to everyone, I am the best.

Johnny cash once said, “Lift up the reciever, I’ll make you a believer.”

Hey it’s the random forum right? Have at it.

who in the heck is turbonegro. how can we be fans if we dont even know who they are. :b::crazy:

It doesn’t make me laugh, IT SCARES ME! :ne:
[SIZE=1]Seriously, what is up with that? :h:[/SIZE]

Now HERE’s something to laugh your face off with!!!
[SIZE=1]…not[/SIZE] :sleep: