CD Covers

I made this CD cover for my band, Cross Out The Eyes:d:. I made two versions of it tell me which you like best.

1, but both are pretty cool


I like one better because the lightness covers more of the brush strokes. In two you can see some one the edit strokes ect. It looks great, good concept. LOL
I use to manage bands and design their websites. One of the bands I managed was called Eyes Wide. Go figure what the graphic looked like for their cd cover. lol

I think both are fine but I can see where the clone tool was used on the eyes. I think that number2 would prolly work better cause of the darkness of it and the apparent darkness of the band. You should tighten up the parts where the stitches are around the eyes, cause those stitches would pull the skin in, i believe.

I like, but the words are hard to read. More so on #2.


What do you mean exactly and how would I do that.

BTW: The band is an emo/rock/punk band. We’re kind of like a cross between Funeral for a Friend, Thrice and Iron Maiden if that does anything for ya.

Ethan?? Your [email protected] lucky to be getting any text at all! :wink: :thumb: Some albums have no text on the covers at all. Your expected to know who the band is by the artwork. If you make it easier to read it loses its coolness. I’ll try though.

This thread died on it’s arse very quickly. Oh well I’ll just bump it.


I like’m both but as Simplistik pointed out I don’t think the first one would print all that good without being cleaned up.

I think the idea is cool but I’m not so sure that I’m digging the way you’ve cropped that chick. The white background seems kinda blah and the text looks out of place. Personally I’d go for a more assymetric design. Maybe use half of the girls face on the bottom left, place your text in the upper right and add a cool background.

That’s a boy CG! I thought it was a girl at first too but apparently not. The background came in the picture and cropping it would take ages because of the hair. I’ll try a mask though. I’ll post what I come up with. I think I’m gonna go with the second one so I don’t have to do so much ‘cleaning up’. Expect one with a background soon. I’m not sure if the only one half of the face is what I want. The band is Cross Out The EyeS not eye. Cool background coming up though.

  •   		I vote first.*

Here you go CG:

Darker background with a moon and clouds to make it creepier. What do you think?

The new one definetly looks the best :).

last one is definitely strongest, but I would tone down that red outer glow a lot. You don’t need to flood it to get the idea across and it would look a lot cleaner.

It looks better but I’m still not digging the text placement. I agree with unflux about the red too.

I like the new one better too…but i don’t really like the text placement either

I think you should use the last one, but without the moon and more contrast to face.
Nice job! :beer:

I’'l tone down the red glow but after that I think it’s done. I could go on changing this and that and eventually it woud be ruined and nothing like my original idea. So thanx for the critiques. All we need to do now is finish writing the stuff to go on it.