Cd layout

hey guys, my band has our first cd coming out in a few weeks ( (things fall apart)), and we’re still working on the layout. It’s more or less done except for the back page, due to some disagreement. My latest idea for it was an old ferris wheel.

Here’s a basic 10 second ‘rough draft’ and i was wondering what people thought of it (the idea mostly)

thanks, guys

It could use some text. And the color could be just a little more brighter.

But other than that, I love the dawn ferris wheel concept :).

is grunge the new trend for graphic artists? seems very popular among some groups.

yeah, i agree with you guinness… for me it feels like grunge is the new l33t hax0r look. I’m not quite sure why being that modern computers have a practically infinite number of image creation posibilities.

in many cases, i feel like it’s the tools that we are given are what create our art rather than our imaginations. i go to an arts high school, and before we even go in the same room as a computer, we sketch things out, think up new ideas, collaborate, look at art books, study art history to see if its been done or just to draw inspiration. does anyone who creates grunge art even know who robert rauschenberg is? look him up sometime on google. he’s done it better than anyone i’ve ever seen… and his time was many decades before a pc was even thought of.

My critique:
I really dig the farris wheel. very beautiful lines. now, what can you do with that image besides grunge, without going towards the ultra-modern clean feel? you could never exhaust all the possibilities, so get crackin!

well, we need the layout done by…well ASAP so we can send it to the presses and get it started before out cd comes back from the mastering house so that we can have cd’s to sell when we go out on a US tour in less than 3 weeks.

The grunge look wasnt my choice. Personally i’d love to have been able to do something, if not futuristic, then at least fantasy oriented. I needed to have a back to complement the cover, which had an industrial look to it. It also fits with the band name “Things Fall Apart” and the front and back complement one another with the album title “this is living. this is learning.”

So in other words, grunge was just the most appropriate choice for this little 2 minute project. It still has to be refined (within the next day or so), and yeah, text will be added (ie. track list).

Thanks for the complements and the suggestions, everyone. I really do appreciate it.

what type of music?

eh…hardcore/rockish we have samples of a few unmastered songs up there, or on the paperstreet records site itself.

The break at the end of track 2 (on hxcmp3) is disgusting! Any dates gonna be in Cleveland? I’d definitly check you guys out. The layout fits the music IMO and looks great.

hmmm… somehow i think this music might have driven Okonkwo hang himself instead of the shame :sure: (post a response if you understand the reference)

maybe if you could hear the lyrics ( but hey i like mudvayne and who the hell can understand them? :rock: )

here’s the final product

the bottom left-hand corner is for the barcode

your label name reminds m of fight club. wasn’t it paper street soap co?
I like the design btw; always been a fan o the grunge.

song titles are near impossible to read. stick to a font…