Cd presentation speed?

I’m trying to help somebody! they have made a cd presentation and when they try and run it in a 500mhz machine it plays fine. The problem is when they try to run the same disk in a 800mhz or 1gig machine, the disk runs way to fast so the whole presentation is over in less than half the normal time.
Has anyone ever heard of that, I can’t figure it out atall…

Any comments appreciated :slight_smile:

if the presentation is in flash…then im thinking you just need to slow down the whole movie…cause if you think it runs fine on 500mhz…maybe its actually running slow…but it looks normal…try to slow down the speed and then(FPS maybe) try it on the 800mhz or 1ghz CPU…something like this kinda happened to me before…give it a try…and tell me what the outcome is…

hey thanks element! I’ll pass the info on. One last thing, when you say try to slow down the speed I thought you’d do that by altering the fps… Is there another way of altering the speed?
Thanks again

You’re welcome, and yes, you can make each keyframe animation longer, or extend the keyframes(F5) to have more of a pause in between each movement of your other keyframes…(hope you understand what im saying…lol[im a bit tired, just woke up])…hope it all helps :wink:

Sorry, I was being a bit slow!!! yes I get what you mean with (F5) :slight_smile:

I’m only asking on behalf of someone else, just trying to help em out, I’m puzzled by it aswell though, that’s why I’m sticking with it!…did=297506

Anyways cheers again Element…