I’m trying to mske a cd-rom with flash. I’ve been looking at other cd-roms from like bands and stuff to get ideas. And I found a flash ran cd-rom. What I want to know is how can I open a flash file in windows without that macromedia flash player window that is around the file. I know it can be done and I can’t figure it out if you know please help me out.

your probably talking about the fullscreen mode, what you have to do is place inside your swf (which will be published as a .exe or .hqx if your on a Mac) a FS command called fullscreen, and set the value to ‘true’…

onLoad = function() {

No actually it’s not full screen mode although thats pretty cool too. I’ve been trying to figure out myself and the only thing that I found that may have something to do with it is this code I found in one of the cd-roms. Its just a sws. file that was in it. this is what it says. Its kinda weird but.

¿ hTCSO TITLE Saver MainMovieID Main PreviewMovieID aPreview SettingsMovieID Settings FullScreenMode @ CloseOnKeyPress CloseOnMouseMove CloseOnRightClick CloseOnLeftClick
CloseOnEscape HideMouse aProject Title woe MainWindowID Window 1 WindowCount ?ð aAppType SingleInstance Icon IconPath 8C:\Documents and Settings\john\Desktop****\bushIcon.ico SplashScreen SplashImage 'E:\jobs\fatwreck
ofxCD\loadscreen2.bmp Expiry ExpiryVar @,
ExpiryDate AŸLExpiryRuns @4 ExpiryText RThis application has expired. Please contact the distributor for more information. BuildDate AŸL Debug
OutputType @
PluginPath C:\WINNT\system32\Macromed\Flash\Flash.ocx
OutputPath 3C:\Documents and Settings\john\Desktop*
**\woe.exe OutputFolder InstallerAppExe InstallerWindowID Installer InstallerSWFid swmx_installer InstallerDefaultPath InstallerPackLicense InstallerLicense InstallerPackReadme InstallerReadme ShowPropertiesAfterInstall
SupressCAD SupressAT SupressWK SupressQuit Settings 0 Flash MainMovieID movie1 ScaleWindowToMovie ContentScaleMode @
ContextNoMenu ContextZoom ContextPlay ContextQuality ContextSettings ContextPrint ContextAbout Window ID Window 1 isVisible aisModal BorderColor @K€
Windowless forceRegions DesktopBackground aCaption CaptionType @ CaptionText Window CaptionClose CaptionMinimize CaptionMaximize Size @ SizeX @Y SizeY @Y MaxHeight MaxWidth MinHeight MinWidth Pos @ PosX @$ PosY @$ Border ?ð NotInTaskBar Resize ?ð ZOrder ScreenSaver aSysMenu SupressLeftClick SupressRightClick SupressMouseMove SupressKeyStroke Snap SnapRange @
ScriptMode Files 0 id aMovie 1 destination nofx.swf source 4C:\Documents and Settings\john\Desktop****