CDA codec? missing?

Hey guys.

I’ve been having a problem for a while but it hasn’t been an issue until lately. I am apparently missing my .cda codec and can no longer read audio cds nor write them.

I bought a cd and was able to rip with dBpoweramp but for some reason I cannot play it with any media player.

A while ago this happened, had to have my Dell serviced because the motherboard and processor went kaput. After the service I was able to burn audio cds (only with the windows DLA drag and drop not my nero or winamp) but unable to read them still and now I can’t even burn them.

It’s very annoying and I can’t seem to locate a site to get the CDA codec, it seems that google shows tons of hits but nothing obvious as “THIS WILL FIX YOUR MISSING CDA CODEC PROBLEM CLICK ME FTW!!!”

If anyone can give advice on how to fix this or a link to a site w/ codec it would be much appreciated.