Cell stretching in IE

I’m having some issues with a site I’m doing. This has never happened to me before. I’ve got a content section on the page that is just white, and stretches via CSS to accomodate the content. To the left of the content is my vertical navigation menu. My problem is, when the content section stretches, so do the cells containing the buttons. I’ve got CSS styles set up to make the area under the last button stretch (background image repeat-y property), so shouldn’t the buttons’ cells stay fixed and the area underneath stretch? Also, in Firefox everything is fine, the buttons cells don’t stretch, but in IE they do. Arrrgghh… I’ve attached the style sheet(in .txt form, because I couldn’t upload a .css file) for anyone to look at that might want to help, and the page itself can be seen at


Any help would be appreciated.

Ben Lacy