Centered pop-up tutorial

hi | i’m having some difficulties with the tutorial for launching a centered pop-up window. i’m copying the code exactly as it appears in the tutorial but when i go to test it and click on the button it launches my browser but then i get a runtime error and nothing appears in the browser window. in fact, the browser isn’t even appearing with the dimensions i set in the code.

i then downloaded the final source code from kirupa and i’m having the same problem there. i’m lost as to what could be going on. could anyone help, please? i’ve attached my .fla.

thank you | matt.

fumeng, I took a look at your fla and everything is correct. The problem is that the pop-up doesnt work in flash’s preview, you have to publish it out to html then it will work. Just go to file, publish settings, make sure the html and flash boxes are checked then click on publish. This will produce a swf file and a html document. Open the html document and your popup should work. I tested it and it works fine here.

hey | you’re absolutely right. thanks for clueing me in on this, i really appreciate it. thanks! - matt.

np =)