Centering the Flash Movie after I publish

First of all I would like to say thank you SOOO much for the help that you site has already given me! ITS AN AMAZING SITE! Thank You, and keep up the amazing work!
Now for my question… i followed your instructions on copying the html code into my page after pubishing the movie from Flash 5.0… Basically everything runs great!
But what i would like to know is, how do i CENTER that movie so that on my page it is in the middle. Where do i put the alignment tag…

Here is a link to the page with the movie that i wish to center……/blah.html

If you could possibly tell me where in the code to CENTER the movie… I would be SOOOO GRATEFUL!!!

Plz help me one last time… Thank you so much…
Dan Spaulding

Object tags are not allowed


Im just a beginner but what i did with one of my movies is to right click on the file and select edit in Dreamweaver (providing you have it)
Then i moved my movie around. I hope that helped.



You can also create a simple frames page with ms frontpage of macromedia dreamweaver, just make one frame surrounded by 4 others, a top, left, right and bottom frame, and in the middle a initial frame where your flash movie will appear, this way it will always be centered, no matter what the resolution is

Don’t break your… with frames, it’s so simple: in Flash, open your “publish settings” in the file menu, look in the html-tab right at the bottom and set hor. and vert to “center”. that’s it!

Hey Martijn,
Are you sure you meant frames? Or were you meaning to say tables? To center a movie horizontally, you can use Flash’s Publish settings and select Center for HTML alignment. To center vertically as well, create a 3 by 3 table with the widht and height 100%. In the center cell of your 3x3 table, place your animation. Your animation will be centered horizontally and vertically at all resolutions.

To further break it down it’s enough with one cell 100% by 100% (width and hight), then center your object (read film clip) and align it to middle. The only thing you have to think of is in the page property, you set margin to zero, that way you dont get the scrollbars unless needed. (dreamweaver default is 5 pixels)

Best of luck

OKAY, now this is annoying,
There is no way that you can’t “center” a flash file on any page height and width. You can zoom in right?! It make perfect sense, @#%$.
Check out this site,
now you will see what im talkin about,
the movie(whole-site) has a table or somethin around it,
Im running a 1024768 resolution on my pc, and “macromedia”
recomends running 1004
606 movie size for 1024*768 rez.
K, I would link just the .swf instead of .html, but,
I need the html file for specific java.
It would be great if someone could write a script for this problem, to prevent having to use crappy little popups for a flash site.

well i know sometimes the answer might be so simple that it is quite overlooked. Edit the SWF file, and after the BODY tag, Just type <.P Align=center>, thats all. ofcourse you type that without the period. Thats how you center your flash movie. Ok now,peace.
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