Movie centering

Hi all - I hope someone can help! When I publish my .swf the movie is not centered in the browser window, despite my publish settings indicating that it should do so! Its sort of off to the left leaving a large blank area to the right and below.
I’m sure there’s an easy wasy around this but its driving me nuts!
Any help would be great guys…:stuck_out_tongue:

i have that problem all the time. i dont know why … sometimes flash does it to me then other times it doesnt … shrug

the way i usually do it to avoid the confusion is just make the html source myself instead of letting flash do it. that way i make sure its done right

i make a page with a table in it that has 3 rows and 3 columns i set the tablewidth and height to 100% (the % is very key) and then i set the center cell to 640 x 480 or whatever my flash movie’s dimensions are. i set the alignments vertically and horizontally to center / middle respectively and call it a day.

that always works for me.

if you dont know html let me know and i’ll just send you an html page already set up like that if you’d like

hope this helps