CF: Inserting multiple records in Database table

Hi everybody,

I’m making a guestbook in Dreamweaver/Coldfusion! But I want to see the messages first before I want to show them in the guestbook online. So I made a second page called guestbookAdmin.cfm (table guestbookAdmin) where the messages temporary will be stored untill I aprove or delete them The database has two identical tables named guestbook and guestbookAdmin both with the following table rows:

With repeat region guestbookAdmin.cfm shows 10 records. Next to every record I would like to have 2 check boxes. One to delete the ckecked message from the table guestbookAdmin (In case I don’t want to show that message on-line) and one to insert the message into the table guestbook (When I approve the message). I have found a solution to delete multiple records with checkboxes:
Every record has a checkbox included checkbox name “DEL_#GB_ID#” and than I added the following <cfif>:

<cfif IsDefined('FORM.FieldNames')>
<cfloop index="i" list="#FORM.FieldNames#" DELIMITERS="," >
<cfif LEFT(i, 4) IS "DEL_" >
<CFSET selectGBID = RemoveChars(i, 1, 4)>
<CFSET selectGBID = #Evaluate(selectGBID)#>

This works great, but I can’t figure out to get the same results for inserting multiple records. Does somebody have an idea. I would be very thankful.