CGI Script: FormMail...HELP!

Ok so i start to learn how to do a an application form for my website.

After 4 hours wasted i learn how to do a proper application form, using this tutorial: Tutorial

And, after doing the form it asks me for …i have 0 clue about CGI / Pearl scripting…

Is there a better way to do a form in flash without the need of CGI / Pearl ?

Im not an actionscript hero either, i know alot but not the components part.

Im in desparate need of help, my deadline is 15th of january and i chose to post here and here only for help since ive recieved alot of help in the past.

Thanks for your time.

You’ll need some version of server side script to process the form parameters and send the email. It could be PERL, ASP, PHP, etc.

Do a of this forum, there are dozens of threads with examples.