Flash E-mail Form With CGI scripts

There are more than plenty tutorials around the web concerning Flash e-mail forms that use PHP and ASP. My web-host doesn’t support this on out current server! **** ISP’s!!

But anyway what I’ve been told I can use is CGI…oh joy.
Are there any FLA files that I could possibly download and get an idea on how to make my own Flash E-mail Form, or any good tutorials which deal with CGI e-mail forms and Flash?

Thank you all.

I believe there is a tutorial here about making a Flash form. Just drag and drop the components you want. Place input text fields as you please and give them variable names. As for the CGI part, there are some good PERL resource sites out there that would explain the scripting you’d need to do for the CGI program. Then you just have Flash post your variables to your CGI. Just look around there are some great resources out there.

PS get a server that supports PHP as soon as possible, much better than CGI and much quicker/easier.

Thanking you.