Challenging Tween Class Question..Variable problem.. Need Help!

I’m editing a flash action script built template. Anyways, in the template there’s a menu that tweens in Left-to-Right when a mouse is rolled over. There is no timeline tween it’s all tween class.

So… I’m trying to make the menu to the direct opposite… Roll in from the left of the screen to the Right… after a few minutes i figured it out… now to the reall big questions that i need some good brains here for solving it…!!

So when the menu was opening from Left-to-Right… The variables for the tween class were lets say 0-200 (starting-ending), now normally the stage size is 600X800, so for that stage size i could just change the variables in the tween class to… 800-600… now it will go from 800x to 600x left to right…

Now the big problem is this template has a full screen mode… and my question is…
Just like a 0 will always be a 0 no matter what size the stage or screen is… how can i define a variable that is the opposite of 0 x… so i can define a menu that comes from Right to Left… No matter what screen size it is???

Sorry if i drilled about it but i’m really stuck with this one…!!:sonic: