Change Actionscript...animation

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I´m beginner.

I get this actionscript from internet. I would like to change for a movieclip vector images…There is in site a fla. movieclip symbols… I try to change words to frame of symbols mc, but no sucess…

// register root as environment
Object.environment = this;

// create camera object = {x:0, y:0, z:500, dx:0, dy:0, dz:-500};

// set environmental constants
this.fl = 1000;

// create 'space' to which all words will be attached
// center 'space' on the stage

// a string of words related to the wind
this.somewords = "wind breeze storm stormy tornado text space three dimensional infinite recursive instance object distort environmental atmospheric blow gush whoosh thrash whirl push roar rush caress flow swoop";
// convert the string of words into an array of words
this.wordList = new Array();
this.wordList = this.somewords.split(" ");

// create one instance for each word in the list
for (n=0;n<this.wordList.length;n++) {
    // pick a word from the list
    var word = Object.environment.wordList[n];
    var x = random(600)-300;
    var y = random(337)-169;
    var z = random(Object.environment.fl*2)-Object.environment.fl;
    // create an instance of the SpaceWord object
    nombre = "word"+String(depth++);
    initialization = {txtword: word, x: x, y: y, z: z};
    space.attachMovie("spaceWord", nombre, depth, initialization);

this.onEnterFrame = function() {;
    // move the camera to its destination;;;


from levTextSpace.fla

Can I change this words for a Movieclip?
I have a movieclip with 23 frames, each has a symbol.
Than each word will be a symbol.

Thanks anyway,