Changing a textfield in frame 2 from frame 1

Hi, sorry to bother you. I know this may seem like a really simple and stupid question. I’m a programmer, but new to actionscript and my main problems are related to the way flash works (not inherent problems, just my lack of understanding).

I’ve modified the XML Tutorial to load more than one XML file. It works well, but the only problem is, I have a textfield on another frame, which I want to load in the frame 1 actions. The XML code isn’t the problem, just an a little background on why I am using “.text =”.

When I do this, as a test, from within Frame 1 of Layer Name Action Layer;

content2_txt.text = "TEST";

It doesn’t work, I believe this is because of frame 2 having the textfield and the frame 1 actionscript contains the code. How do I change the .text or .textHtml content of the content2_txt.text from within frame 1?

Please keep answers simple I am extremely new to flash.