Changing colors of component

Hi there,
i am using flash8. could someone tell me how to change the original green… colors on the component to something that i want. i have tried:
and it successfully changes the color of the combo, but what abut other compos? and where can i find a list for the attributes (“backgroundcolor” …)?
Is there a way to also change the width of the scrollbars that come up?
i tried the ‘halotheme.fla’ and also modified it but i’m not able to achieve what i want. I’m attaching a snapshot of what i want.
I also tried:
this.createClassObject(mx.controls.UIScrollBar, “my_sb”, 20);
my_sb.setStyle(“themeColor”, “0X b0b2b3”);
‘my_sb’ is the Instance name of my ‘UIScrollbar component’.
this successfully changes the color a bit. But, i want exactly the same as the img attached.
Could u guide me as to how 2 do it?