Changing to next scene AFTER movie clip plays?!?!?

This is silly question but I can’t seem to figure out the right code for it!!!

Somebody help me out please,

In ‘Scene 1’ I have a movie clip that has animation inside it, when that animation is finished playing I want the whole movie to automatically go to ‘Scene 2’ and begin playing.

I’ve tried a ton of different things but it’s eluding me and all my hair is pulled out, so now I come to where the knowledge is, the infamous Kirupa forums where masters of the trade battle the evil ‘ILL’-ogic for the good of the internet and all human eyes!!

Please help!!



On the very last frame of your animation try adding


or something along those lines.

That’s what I figured right off, but it just makes the animation skip back to frame 1 and loop?!?!?!?!?!?

So I add a stop();, then it just stops and doesn’t advance to the next scene!!

Am I missing something here?

The mc has a 35 frame animation “inside” it, at Frame 35 I’ve assigned these actions:


Should this not advance the WHOLE movie to the next scene?

GotoAndPlay doesn’t work either, I’ve tried using “Scene 2”, “NextScene”, etc, etc, etc…

This is driving me crazy!!!



Hmm, that is very odd. I don’t experience this problem. I have tried both methods and they both work for me.

Are you sure you have a Scene 2? I know this is one a very stupid question, but that would be the only explanation for it repeating the same Scene. After I deleted my Scene 2, my movie kept looping the Scene 1, even with the actions in the last frame.

Just to avoid repetitive posting. To create a new scene go to Window/Scene then click the Plus sign icon to add a scene. Then you have to make sure they are in the right order. So it should say

Scene 1
Scene 2


Scene 2
Scene 1

I am not trying to be all kindergarten, but I find this problem very odd, and the only time I experienced it was when I deleted the scene I was going to.

It is odd, I just remade a movie with two scenes and two animated mc’s…stupid simple, it still doesn’t work!!!

At the last frame of the animation I simply add a GotoAndPlay, then tested it with scenes AND frames and NEITHER of them will advance to the next at the end of the animation…

Bummer, I don’t get it at all…I’m not that experienced but I know the basics and this ain’t right!!!

I dunno, I’m busted…

Thanks for the help!


I attached a .zip file. It works great for me, so hopefully it will work great for you too.

K, I just reworked my whole movie and it’s working now but it’s different than what I had…

I had everything in the 1st frame of the root timeline in each scene, meaning that ALL the animation was local to the mc’s, this way was NOT working…for some reason the actions would not respond when they were embedded “'inside” the movie clips!!!

Is this the wrong way of developing a flash? I always thought the best way to design was to do everything in a single frame and have ALL the animation embedded in the movie clips, is this wrong?

Any input regarding proper workflow would be a huge asset to this list and all the fresh talent lurking around…my main problem issues with flash are the basic nav and setup!!!

I feel like an idiot that can figure out how to create a bomb but I don’t know how to light a match!!!

Any insight? Flashers…


If you’re the only one who is going to touch your FLA, the best way is the way that works for you. (That is purely my opinion). If you’re going to collaborate with others, then things are much, much different.

Having everything contained in movie clips is definitely an accepted method, if not encouraged. The idea is that you can everything in little chunks, instead of trying to figure out where all those lines and frames are supposed to go.

If you start putting mc’s together in this fashion, you’re going to have to get organized and make sure that you are addressing variables and mc’s properly. That is the one thing that will always get you. Make sure that the scope of your variables is correct and everything should go much smoother.

Good luck.