From MC to next scene?

OKI, simple question coming up… :cowboy:

I’ve got a movie with two scenes! At the end of the last MC on “scene 1” I would like it to jump to the next scene, so I’ve placed the following AS on the last frame on the last MC:


this don’t work!..?

so i tried:

gotoAndPlay(“Scene2”, 1);

don’t work!..?

…any help?

[size=1]well first of all, just to go from 1 scene to another there’s no
need for any code. It will go right to it no matter what.

If you have a stop() in there, before the gotoAndPlay() function,
that could be your problem. There really isn’t any other reason for
it to behave that way.

I think you’re just making it harder than it is. =)



Yeah, it sounds like that!..

but take a look at this tiny example, and you see what I mean! :q:

[size=1]i took a look at it and tested it as you posted…works the
way it’s supposed to! as far as I can see…

soooo…what’s the problem again?


then please tell me why it won’t play the 40 framed MC on scene1?

Well, you have to understand how Flash works. It sees[list][]scene 1 with one frame[]scene 2 with 1 frame[/list]When you test the movie, it will put the scenes one after another and play the whole thing. That is to say here 2 frames.

But what you want is to stop on the first frame, right? So in the frame actions of the first scene, put a stop() action. If you test the movie, you’ll see the tween play and replay. This means we’re staying on the 1st frame all right.

Then we want that at the end of the mc, the main timeline goes on playing. So all you have to do is put at the last frame of the tween; or _parent.gotoAndPlay(“scene2”);

pom :slight_smile:

…yeah, that _parent thing did the trick, THX m8! :slight_smile:

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Nice trick with the footer :slight_smile:

[size=1]didn’t mean to…glad you got the answer tho.