Channeling Bing Wallpaper for vacation photos

Please point me to a .js code that will display my vacation photos in the way Bing Wallpaper does. Thanks

Hi @Ute - Where are your photos currently stored? Do you want a different photo each time the user visits your page? Or will the picture change once a day?


The photos are stored in Samsung Galaxy (the newest model; S23 Alpha?); copies in Google Photos and in Google Drive. I would like the photos (with captions) to display randomly (like the old CRT screensavers) on a dedicated wall-mounted big flat-screen smart TV. Once a day, per each visit, etc. can be options.

The first challenge you are going to need to solve is how to get access to those photos in a location your web page can access. Google Photos provides an API that you can setup to access it, and this page (and related sample project at the bottom!) may solve the first challenge:

Once you have that setup, we can then add the additional capabilities for how frequently to change the images and so on :slight_smile: