Character animation problem

He everybody,
this is my first threat in Kirupa forum so say hale-luja:)Anyway i am just learning actionscript 3,but thinked of making a flash game like Another World.I am sure everyon knows that.
The only thing what is problem for me that i made a Standing animation where the character just breathing ,and made another movieclip where the chaarcter is walking,and after i will make several other animations to but first i explain the problem.

1 MovieClip - inside the movieClip there are two other.In separate frame.

I made Keyboard event for rightbutton.When keyboard is down ,it should gotoAndStop(2)
on frame 2. in the mothermovieClip where the two other is.But when i press the right button,it allways gotoAndStop(2).So the animation actualy doesnt start.Just Start from frame 1,and start again and again,you see that the caracter doesnt do anything just stand.

So my Question what is the best way to do a script wich is suitable for my problem.I know my english is not so good.But i fed up with boring caracters like ball or cube,where a movement dont have actualy animation,i want every movement to have separate animation.

And here is where you can help me.!!I hope my writing explained the situation .
I am looking forward to read your ideas about that.