Check out my 5-minute site!

i’m gonna try making a website where i’ll post all the stuff i work on; for no particular reason.

<a href=>here</a>

How come when your are on, I am not and when I am your not!!! Its annoying, oh well, by the way gj, and my FTP will be up again this week by dad just got a new proxy at work!

haha im always on when both of you are on. Kewl DAN!, ive been wanting to upload some stuff to the your server.

lol, dan we’re all just using you now aren’t we?

Hey thoriphes,
The animations are pretty cool! I’m assuming ActionScript was used exclusively as opposed to tweening and keyframes lol :slight_smile:


i never use tweening anymore, nor do i use frames. heehee!

im too much of an artist. i am forced to use tweening, but i like it just fine :slight_smile:

and you’re pretty **** good at it too.


where do ya’ll learn ya A S from. im geussing books or your just bloody inteligent and can figure it out ya self?

the thing that really helped me learn was by example and the references/dictionary in the help. plus, i program in other languages, so Actionscript didn’t take me too long to learn. it’s so much like C++.