Check out my new site!

This is my new stite, i’ve put a lot of hours into it and I would like to hear what you think

grerius studio

so pleas let me know


nice work on the layout of the movie but it opened full screen like i jumped into some **** loop

then the movie was only in the top left corner! if ya gonna force me into full screen then u should use it all!!

when i eventually spotted the close button (a long way right of the “close” sign) and did close it what happened??

i said it b4 n i’ll say it agin. you opened a window that was totally useless to me. so as well as having to close your movie i had to close a window that told me what to do if i dont have flash (but i do an you gotta think of evry1)

go get the macromedia kit that does the checking for you then you dont have to leave that window open

again it is only my humble opinion so dont take it to heart

the layout was nice but the content a bit static. for what is in there you could have done it in html with a bit of js for your menu.

love n kisses i love you all really (cos ur way smarter than me for thinking of all this stuff and then makin it work)



the site works well, but is a lot of work to see a few images.:-\ I might suggest something a little simpler to get to your portfolio.

Also, if this is a portfolio site, to try and get more work, than I would suggest proofreading the text.:-\ i found several errors:)

I liked the animation of the menus, but they didn’t seem to be consistent throughout the site. Also, the info section didn’t give me any info about the author:nerd:

just for the record, I hate site which force me to full screen, and/or pop-up several windows before I can see the site. If I have anti-ad software turned on (as a growing # of people do), I will see nothing…:*(

Again, the site works well, and I applaud your work, I just think it needs to be a bit more consistent, and a bit more aware of the target audience (I could be misunderstanding this intent).:pirate:


first of all, thanx for your replies.

About the pop-up screen,
I have no idea why the site opens in full screen…
when I open the site i get a good working pop-up
but at an other computer I tried it and I got a full-screen
with my site in the left corner.
if anybody knows where I go wrong please tell me.