Check out my new wallpaper please!

I made this wallpaper today at work!\r\rRendered in 3D Studio Max R4.2\rEdited in Photoshop 6.0\rTime: 2 hours\r\r<img src=>

Keep it young Einstein-\r Its PsychoDANic, also shagadelic, but way a lot more pyschohDANic\r\rpj\r:p

I guess that was a compliment but I am not entirely sure :wink:

It was a total compliment–\r\r young Einstein = someone whos young and very good and has promising carreer ahead of him-\r\r pschyoDANic is a term meaning psychodellic, but taylored to your own name.\r\rBut if you want words you are familiar with, hows this; Excellent, great, cool, neato, etc. Hope that clears things up Master Dan!\r\rpj\r;)

Wow. Now THAT’S cool.

Dan,\r\rThat’s sweet! I don’t know how you guys are doing this stuff but I like it!\r\rThis seems to be an art movement of the 00’s (2000).\r\r\rt2d

Very cool indeed!!!