New Wallpaper for the wallpaper section?

Yo, it’s me again, dan grippi, and I was wondering if you wanted to make this another one of your wallpapers on your site :smiley: ! Thanks and comments are appreciated!\r\…?id=405081\r/|\r |\rThe link is up there :slight_smile: \r\r-Dan :expressionless:

i DON’T believe that youc an do that. Once you give it to Deviant art, i don’t think you can let Kirupa host it too…not 100% sure though…

Wow !! Great stuff Dan ! Man where did you learn that ? Could you make tutorials about it ?\r\rpom 0]

Guess what? I like bragging about how young I am and I can do this…so for all of you that don’t know that I am 13, now you know!! :smiley: Everyone, check out my deviantart gallery! I am pickin up 3dsmax like nothin! I just started 1 1/2 weeks ago! I am so proud of myself!\r\r-Dan :expressionless: