Check this great site


check this great site

i love to see it again and again

i is so wide a database also

but everybit of it and every-section of it is a master-piece

nice time


yeah, jesus was alright the first time he came around, the second time i bet he will be awesome

Sorry, I don’t think that this is something special.
I am not very impressed.

Uhhhh… ok… I think this may be spam… I’m not really sure. I love Jesus and all… but this has nothing to do w/ Showcase and Critique.


sorry :run:

um… are you spamming? your last message i think it was you, my bad if it wasn’t about the well fare site, it wasn’t to good either… and I don’t think u were actually looking for critiques…

if I’m totally wrong… I apologize… just what it seemed like to me…

its the forum of showcase and critiques here people show there works
and it does not need to be if anybody like it or not. what really matters is the advices what i am getting from you and also i am updating my site continuously. as for as this site it is masterpeice as for as i see its all in flash and look at the placement of different movies. how different parts integrate and communicate. so you should first brouse the site then whatever you want say it!!



What a bummed up site! It S U C K S people!

so u made 2 full sites in like a week?

now on to the critique…

I couldn’t find the navagation it wasn’t obvious. IT"S NOT ALL IN FLASH! (like you said) It looks like a bunch of “advertisements” the site doesn’t flow together. just my openion.

just a pointer… ask for opinions, don’t give them. (aka crit this masterpice is a no no)