Check this pls : Photographer Portfolio Site

This one is compact data driven photographer portfolio site. Site owner has control over content and updates photos on a regular basis.

I’d like to get some critics on .


I didn’t think I would like it and thought it was going to be my third damming report tonight but excluding the really cheap lens shutter effects at the beginning its actually a good site :slight_smile:

I didn’t like the shutter intro thingy because of a) the colour used and b) the absolute lack of detail…was just a few single colours vector shapes thrown together.

Maybe make the shutter colours a black colour and add gradients to give the illusion of depth or something…I dunno just try make it look more realistic.

i think it’s alright. the search really needs work. i searched for a handful of keywords for images i was currently looking at and didn’t get any search results. for instance, i was looking at 3 or 4 thumbnails of puppies. so i searched “puppy”… no results. so the search needs work.

The owner of web site enters releated keywords while adding photos and search uses those keywords. I think he made some typo while entering keywords.

Ok first and foremost, I don’t think you need that annoying intro snapping shutter thing …

2nd the site is ok, but seems very amateurish … that’s not being harsh I’m just trying to help

yeah, the shutter should i think be eliminated. site looks clean and professional, coding it must have been hard. nice job:)

I don’t like intro’s and i find them waste of time. I agree the comments on shutter. The owner of site wanted that shutter thing.
The lack of artistic or visuality is the common problem of my designs. I have little or no problems with coding but my imagination is limited, at least now.

Thanks for commenting.

I wish i could have you ability to code something like this.
I liked the way you did it. Could i look into your .fla to learn how to do something like this for my Thanks
If you ever need any tipe of design i help you if i can.THKS

Ok so we’re all pretty much agreed that the snapping intro was a turn off. I thought the site worked well. One thing that is a big no-no for me is that when you click on Photo Request it takes you to a new full HTML document. It takes away from teh feel of the full flash site. Otherwise good job.

I’ll build a flash shopping cart for the site in future as i did on is an online camera shop that accepts e-mail orders. Unfortunately it’s avaliable only in Turkish.
The html form is a temporary solution.