Check this site and help me!

Hi fellow members,

               Click here and check the navigation out.........

Q:What You can see?
A:The navigational Buttons like cyobreed, news, games…etc

Q:Whats nice?
A:When you click the NEWS button, a movie loads and when you click the GAMES button, the NEWS movie unloads and the GAMES movie loads.

A:When it unloads, can u see the Disappearing Effect and ofcourse I know to do the Appearing effect.

A:Coz when I unload my movie it just unloads it. But is there any action scripts Like when I unload my movie, so that it fades out, disappears or reverses my loaded MC so my new loadmovie appears in.

A:Waiting to add 'em on my site

Even this site got the same


1] just add on fade in animation in the last time frame & link the button unloading movie only to goto that time line.

2] Add a fade out animation in the first time line of the - getting -loaded movie & ur DONE !!