CheckBox component aaarrggghh

So I drag the Checkbox component to the stage of my existing movie/form. The Parameters give me three options: label, labelPlacement and selected. I change the label to my own subject but it’s not the font or color of font i want to use!

I want to make the three CheckBoxes that I have in my form go through to my PHP script like everything else does on my form.

Here is my submit code
the last three - primary, vacation and investment are the CheckBoxes

on (release) {
if (firstname eq “firstname” or lastname eq “lastname” or address eq “address” or city eq “city” or state eq “state” or zipcode eq “zipcode” or email eq “email” or message eq “message” or primary eq “primary” or vacation eq “vacation” or investment eq “investment”) {
} else {
loadVariablesNum(“form.php”, 0, “POST”);

Here is the PHP code:


$to = “[email protected]”;
$firstname =$_POST[‘firstname’];
$lastname =$_POST[‘lastname’];
$address =$_POST[‘address’];
$state =$_POST[‘state’];
$zipcode =$_POST[‘zipcode’];
$message =$_POST[‘message’];
$primary =$_POST[‘primary’];
$vacation =$_POST[‘vacation’];
$investment =$_POST[‘investment’];

$msg .= "This message has been sent from your Contact Form

$msg .= "Firstname: $firstname

$msg .= "Lastname: $lastname

$msg .= "Address: $address

$msg .= "City: $city

$msg .= "State: $state

$msg .= "Zipcode: $zipcode

$msg .= "Email: $email

$msg .= "Message: $message

$msg .= "Primary: $primary

$msg .= "Vacation: $vacation

$msg .= "Investment: $investment

mail($to, $subject, $msg, "From: Vista Del Lago Form
Reply-To: $email

I get the mail but and the CheckBoxs seem to work but Primary, Vacation and Investment are always blank no matter if they are checked or not. I know I am missing somthing but what I don’t know. ANY HELP would be so appreciated Thank you!