Checking for a variable

Hi I am trying make a movieclip pan across the stage on a set path, I have 5 buttons, when button 2 is clicked, the movie clip is moved to position 2, its moved on a timeline so a function starts playing the movieclip, on the timeline inside this movieclip there are conditions on specific frames showing where the the timeline stops, so when button2 is clicked a variable is created which is “label2” and the timeline stops on this point, as seen the the condition below:

if(stop_where == “label2”){;


This all works fine, what has to happen now is I need a condition that tells the timeline where to stop if button 2 is clicked and the current label is 3 for example. It will need to play in reverse. and stop on label2 but the button2 actions are currently telling the timeline to play until it finds label2 and stop but its passed label 2 and it sitting on 3 so it continues to play up to the end of the timeline. I used Tweener to play the timeline backwards.

So my question is how to I write a condition that tells the timeline to play either forwards or backwards depending if it has passed the desired label, for example, if its on label1 and button2 is clicked it needs to play to label 2 but when its on label 3 its also needs to play to label 2 but its in the opposite direction, so im guessing i need a condition to check what label its on and either play forwards or backwards.

Is this correct ? Its driving me crazy! :glasses:

Below is a example.
Ive also attached a image as an example of what im trying to achieve.

button1.onRelease = function(){ = “label1”;;

    if( stop_where != "label1"){
         Tweener.addTween(mc,{_frame:1, time:2});