Checking to see what frame

Hey guys, question here.

I have 2 movie clips with buttons on them.

I have placed them both on the main scene side by side. when you click the one on the left, it and the right one move to the right. When you click on the right one - it just moves. It’s set up so it looks like the one on the left is pushing the one on the right when it’s selected.

Now when either or both of the movie clips have activated and moved the right I want to be able to send them back to their original spot. This is where it get’s tricky.

how do I tell the movie clip on the clip on the right to check and see if the moive clip on the left has moved and gone to frame 10 or not.

it’s kind of confusing so I will upload a fla for you to look at.

[AS]if(button2._currentframe == 10) {
} else {

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Thank you for your help Fluid - but do I have to tell the movie clip what do if it is true or if it is false?

I am not good with AS so please be patient :slight_smile:

it depends if you want to…

tell me what do you want it 2 do, and i’ll help you as far as i could

okay thanks :slight_smile:

i want to have to bars side by side that move to the right when you click them, and back to their original spot when you click them again.

When you click the left one - both the right and left move, as if the left side is pushing the right side. When you click the right side - only the right side movies because there is nothing in front of it.

The same goes for when they are both on the right side of the screen. When you click the left one - it comes back by it’s self because there is nothing in front of it. When you click the right one - it has to make both go back if the left one is still there.

My problem is I need to check and see if when clicking on the left one if the right one has already moved or not. If it has, only the left side moves, if it hasnt, both have to move. It’s the same for coming back to it’s original spot. When the right one has moved after being clicked once, the it needs to know if the left side is right beside it, or still back at the begining.

I hope you understand what I mean, I have explained it the best I can… :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help.

this is what i’ve done so far…

Ok man that works very well - thank you :slight_smile: there is just a couple things that dont work right.

When you click on left one I want it to push the right one over but remain over there and not come back

Also when both bars have moved over the right - when you click on the rigth most bar - I want them both to go back to the start and stay there, not have it come back to the right again.

I havent looked at the code yet and I might be able to figure it out myself but if you have some time - the help is very much appreciated. Thanks very much Fluid_One

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Originally posted by fluid_0ne

if(button2.currentframe == 10) {
} else {

it’s _currentframe not currentframe… you should fix it.
just in case someone else needs the script :wink: =)

check out my fla 1st, then tell me what to fix…