Choosing a motherboard

I’m hopefully hopefully fingers-crossed perhaps maybe if-my-luck-allows going to build a new rig, and I’ve got no idea about mobo’s.
I’m hoping to have an Athlon 64 Venice-core socket 939 CPU, 1gb RAM, SATA HDD (mayyybe RAID, but prolly not), and a PCI-Express video card. I’ve been told nForce4 is the way to go for Athlon… and a friend recommended Abit… but, meh. I dunno…

To sum up, I need:

  • Athlon S939
  • nForce4?
  • Firewire
  • SATA
  • PCIe
  • LAN

Seems as though you can’t escape onboard sound these days, but I’ll be putting in a Creative card regardless. Not sure about RAM, either. DDR2 3200 seems to be the norm these days, and since I’m going for 1gb, I don’t want anything too expensive.

I really don’t want to spend more than AU$200 (that’s 200 Australian dollars) :wink:

Any advice would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance.