Christmas Banner Resources?

I want a quick easy to upload ‘Theme Banner’ that shows off what flash can do with snow, Santa, rein deers whatever you like no advertising just that Chrismasy feel. Christams trees lights anything!!

I normally have banners 1000 x 150 load in the top section of my site.

Is there any resources that have this type of thing around? Or is someone in the feeling of giving what they have so that i can put it on my site can be any size really but maybe about 300 max.

I just dont have the time to go about tracking down heaps of effects and mixing them all up other wise i wont have one, but if anyone can supply one or know where i can access them that would be great. Or if you want to do one of them and u have the time to do it, it can be anything with an animation that runs for a few minutes with lights effects, snow, trees, presents a Christmas message just with all that rich looking Christmas feel.

Mainly things to do with Real Estate go to my site so all about houses, I provide it all for free.

Actaully if someone has something toally bizzare and the it looks good I can load a page 1000x1800 high in a swf because all my swf files load into an area that large. Food for thought!!

Big Thanks!!