Christmas, Flash Video, and iPod

Happy Christmas! I have purchased this program for my son, he is 13 in this Christmas, he always go to youtube. At the beginning, I don’t know if I should buy this for him, many friends(they are 13-15) have told me though he is young, but he know what he wants, as son, nothing is better than what father give them on festival, nothing is good or bad only depends on how they use.
When I tried the program–Moyea FLV to Video Converter, I found it is easy to use, and very useful. Here I give the people on Christmas some tips how to use it:

  1. Open the program, click"+" to import the flv files.

    Just as you can see above, many useful functions are provided, Crop the video to trip the black rim, so it will get good effects; in the right pane, adding logo, text to the video is very easy, change the parameters to get better effects(the position of the water mark, transparence).
  2. Output Settings.

    Choose the video formats you want, or even set the video and audio parameters yourself if you like, when you complete this, you can set your settings as default for next using by only clicking the “+” button.
  3. The last thing you can do is clicking the convert button to convert, then you will get the video you want. If you have a lot of flv files to convert, you can convert them all in once in batch mode, it is very easy, only choose all the imported files, then click the convert button to convert.
    Following, you can see how to set the transparence of the logo to make it looks like part of the video.

    In step 1, you can select “select…” from the dropdown dialog behind transparence, then set the paramers of the logo. And you
    can see the effects after changing the tolorance and alpha.

    When you do this, you can choose a similar color to get better effects, just as the first picture you can see.
    Maybe this tool is nothing, you can think when your children received such thing how glad they are, in the past year, we have
    to work everyday, we have little time to take care of what our children like, what they wants, we are making the paradise we
    all want, but we lost something we ever want, do the things we should do in avoid of something unfortunate.
    God bless me, God bless you, God bless us…

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