Chrome Feature: Remove alert(), confirm(), and prompt for cross origin iframes

This one caught me off guard yesterday. Details here:

While these are not generally common tools for your everyday professional developer, they can be very useful when prototyping and creating proof of concepts. And what better place to do these than in web-based code editors like jsfiddle, codepen, codesandbox, etc. Of course all of these services render user code in an iframe which means each of these methods are now broken there. Example:

Clicking the button in that fiddle on Chrome would do nothing whereas in Firefox (for now), you’d see an alert.

This does not please me, and breaks a few prototypes I’ve been working on recently. I guess I have to implement my own dialogs now… :disappointed:

Would this affect anyone else? Or am I the only one that still uses these things? :grimacing:

IDK what the point of this is. I understand the push to kill cookies but not this. Maybe scammers has used it a lot…

Breaks some things I have been fiddling with as well. Good thing that many 3rd party component libraries provide a dialog solution haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Relevant here :grinning:

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it’s been temporarily disabled at the moment while breakage is remediated

I updated chrome, and indeed, my fiddle linked above works again.

P.S. Long form twitter messages are annoying.