Chromeless.js and exact fit html files?

How do I get rid of the 10 pixel or so gap on the top and left of my swf that is being called by an html file into a bordless window?


Put the following code in the HTML file of what is to be displayed in the chromeless window:


Except replace the #FFFFFF with whatever color you want to be displayed in the background. If you are using a Flash to be siplayed in the whole window then you don’t need to worry about this.


It is only flash being displayed. I want it to fit right up against the edge but if I bring it up in any browser, it doesn’t.

THere is a white border around the flash movie.


I know that. When you publish a movie in Flash, you get an .swf file and an HTML file. You need to upload both files to your web directory, but when you specify what page you want in your chromeless window, you choose the HTML file.

Anyways, edit the HTML file that contains the .swf and add the above code to the body area of the HTML file.


Here you go-
Just place this in your HTML file

body topmargin=“0” leftmargin=“0” bgcolor="#000000"

just put “<” and “>” in the beging and end of the line. (I couldn’t put it here because this forum converts it it HTML and the entire line would become invisible)

I wish someone would post a work around for the forum converting HTML when you want it to appear as text.


LOL I didn’t realize that my HTML didn’t show up. Wow sorry about that 3dron, and thank you for covering me Craig.


Thanks guys. It worked!

The code worked for the browsers I tested except Netscape 4.

<body topmargin=“0” leftmargin=“0” bgcolor="#000000">

Can I add anything that will make it work, and not disrupt the others working fine?