Chromeless Script

I have multiple chromeless windows launching from the same flash movie.

Does any one know of a way to get the “chromeless script” to put unique titles in the title bars of the chromeless windows.

In other words I would like one chromeless window to have “Color Album” in the title bar and the other chromeless window to have “Black and White Album” in the title bar.

Any help is appreciated.


I figured out the answer to my question above- but I now have a new question-

Still in regards to the chromeless script-
How should I deal with different screen resolutions on the viewers screen?

I am able to set the size of the chromeless window in pixels but how about in percent?

Any ideas?

In case anyone is interested-
Here is what I added to allow a different title in my second chromeless window-

function openIT2(u,W,H,X,Y,n) {
var cD =‘images/close_down.gif’
var cU =‘images/close_up.gif’
var cO =‘images/close_over.gif’
var cL
var tH =’<font face=verdana size=1> Black and White Photo Album</font>’
var tW =‘
var wB =’#003366
var wBs =’#003366
var wBG =’#FFFFCC
var wBGs=’#B1CBE4
var wNS =‘toolbar=0,location=0,directories=0,status=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=0,resizable=0’
var fSO =‘scrolling=no noresize’

I know that there is Java script that detects the users screen size, I don’t have my book on me but I’ve seen it done. I would search some Java Sript sites and find it. Hope that helps a little.