Chromeless Window from HTML page

Hello everyone.

I followed the tutorial about how to open a chromeless window from a flash button. How do you do it from a normal HTML page where your button is a GIF of a JPG? Is it just the same procedure or do I have to change anything?

Stupid question really but I’m having a bad day and can’t think straight (normal day really). I NEED A HOLIDAY!!! Sorry…a vacation.

same code just add it to the < a > tag of your HTML code.

Many thank you’s.

hey clark… can I ask where you came up with your handle? Just curious.

And I’ve just noticed where you come from.

Are you United or City? :slight_smile:

If I had to choose I would say United, but I’m unusual in the fact that I’m a manchester lad and I’m not a fan of football. But Ice Hockey, now THERE’S a sport!

Do you support London Knights? I’m a Manchester Storm fan. Ice Hockey rocks. Anyway its nice to see another Brit on here for a change, there ain’t many of us on Kirupa. How long you been in Flash then? I’ve not been doing this long and I’ve had to be self-taught in digital photography, graphic design and website design. Thats why on this site you’ll see me posting stupid questions that everyone will understand. There are just bits I’ve had to miss out because I’ve had to learn the job so fast. Nightmare.

I came up with the handle as_clark20 because I can remember it easy. Its my hotmail address. A and S are my first initials and I’m 20 years old. Simple.

cool… it just struck a cord in me somewhere… though for the life of me I can’t figure out why.

I must admit that though I like European football, and English rugby, I’m a much bigger fan of hockey. That’s a smoken game.

The way I look at it is… if we’re going to pay somebody millions of dollars a year to PLAY A GAME. it might as well be dangerous, and hard. Both of which describe the three above sports. I don’t watch American sports… alas they are over paid and underworked. As a working class man myself… I find them more than a little insulting.

You’re absolutely right, David.

They pay that footballer for Manchester United David Beckham something approaching £50,000 every single week. Why dont they take the money and give it to someone who actually does something worthwhile, like a scientist or doctor or teacher.
They deserve it.

Talking of sport anyway I caught a game of American Football on TV lastnight (some review show). Whats all that padding about? I mean no offense to those guys because its a dangerous sport and they play really well, but it would be funny to send them to a game of rugby in Australia or England. The maximum padding you’re allowed is no more than .3 inches on the shoulders. Rugby players were always lunatics anyway.

But yeah I’m totally in agreement with you David, sport doesn’t deserve all the money that the public throw at it. I think between football, american football and ice hockey they must make billions a year. Crazy amounts of money.

Hey London Angel.

Whats your team anyway? Are you a footie-chick then or is it not your sport?

Hey clark, sorry to stray off subject, but I can relate to you teaching yourself web design and graphic design, I did the same thing. I have never read books on the subjects, just went with the flow and figured out everything by myself.

So don’t feel bad about asking questions that you think may be stupid. We are all here to help, and well, as a teacher of mine once said “there are no such thing stupid questions”…

Ok, you may go back to talking about rugby and football :slight_smile: