Guys plezz i need some help

I jest have a problem with the chromeless window. i have done like it says in but whan i klick on my flash buton I jest get a Internet Explorer window and in the addres window it says
javascript: openIT(‘Warp.html’,450,250,null,null,‘mywinname01’);

i jest dont get it … what im i doing wrong ???

Well… I’m not sure, but I know that tutorial works because I’ve gone through it and it worked for me.

Try starting over from scratch, and follow the tutorial slowly, step by step. If you come across a line of the tutorial that is confusing, then ask what that line of the tut means…

A) are you sure your javascript code is correct?
B) have you checked all the names ie “mywinname01”

i dont get it … i have done exactely like the tutorial but it dosent worke. but in the HTML file i dont whant any SWF file, I whant it to be a picture.

what do you mean with
B) have you checked all the names ie “mywinname01” ??

I’m going to relook at that tutorial and see if I can find anything specific that you should look for when going through it.

hows ig going ??? any luk making it work ???
i have tried erverything now… hope you have beter luk then me…

did you upload all of the files to your server? ie the swf, the html, and the js file?

well no, it dosent work om my computer why should i uploade it ??

im trying it on my comp when i make it work i’ll uploade… but still havent hade the luk to make it work…
i wonder what part kirup mised to tell us.

Well a local computer does not operate exactly like a server. I would try uploading the whole thing first and see if it works that way. I have been having problems with my comp and am unable to really do this easily.

nop it dosent work on the server either… argggg…

why isent kirupa helpeing me … i did send him a e-mail… but he dosent answer…

He’s a busy boy. He has classes and stuff that he does in his regular time. I’ll see if I can contact him and direct him here as well.

As a side note… my new motherboard is supposed to come today UPS, so if all goes well, I’ll be back up and running this evening.

(and in case you’re confused as to how I’m writing this, I’m logged on at my work comp, which sadly has no Flash program installed. :frowning: )

ushhh i feel your pain man … =) thanx for trying to help me … thanx a lot …

ok guys i have mad a new button whit the problem and i included everything in a zip file… hope you guys can make it work and send it back to me…

[email protected]

here is the file

If it’s what i think, the solution is really SOoo°… simple!
I looked at what’s in your zip, and if I’m not mistaken what you’re trying to do is open the chromeless by clicking the button in the swf, right?
Well, the pb is, the swf NEEDS TO BE EMBEDDED IN HTML for the call to the open it function to work!!
Make another page, insert the swf, and try it again, works like a charm (xcept 4 the missing close bn graphic…)!
So: one page with swf + jscript function next to the script should do it.


but the thing is i dont whant it to start from a html file…
i whant it to start the chromless button from the swf file ??

is it posible???

I don’t think so, that’d mean you’d need to put ALL of the chromeless script in Flash in the getUrl, Flash needs the function in the html to call the script!

ok how sould i put in the script … it dosent really mater as long as it works…