Chromeless window help

My chromeless window is bogus! When I click on the image to launch the window, all i get is a little 200x200 window in the corner with the site in it., but i need the window to be 750 x 600, and my code says 750 x 600 but its still not working…any ideas?

nope… but I’ll see what I can get that effect to do. I’m supposed to be looking at an example of chromeless from lostinbeta that he worked out for me… just haven’t gotten the chance. If I discover anything that might be useful I’ll let you know Jubba. Other than that, I’d talk to Sir Kirupa directly on aim or something. I’m pretty sure he wrote up that tutorial himself… he might know off the bat what’s wrong.

Are you typing your width and height in your link code, or in the js code directly? I dunno why you would be doing that, but eh, figured I would ask.

Can you post something up here I could look at to see if I could figure it out. I think I am becoming a master at chromeless windows…:nerd:

I just noticed you had it up on your site. I figured I would go check out your page and BAM, there it was…the error.

I viewed your source, not to snoop, but just to see what was wrong with your code. I can tell you right now, your body tags start AFTER your content and you close your head tag twice. You might want to change that.

That isn’t effecting your code. Actually, what is effecting your code is your .js file. I copied and pasted your source code into a page of my own and I got errors. I downloaded the .js file from KIRUPA’S TUTORIAL and changed the URL of the.js file to the one I downloaded instead of the one on your server and everything worked out great.

So I suggest you download the .js from Kirupa, because there is something wrong with yours.

<B>P.S.</B> There is another thing wrong with your page. When you open it up the size you want, us 800x600 monitor people can’t see the whole thing. Not only can we not see the whole thing, but we can’t get to the close button, and all draggable areas of the window are hidden. Since you can’t close chromeless windows by right clicking it in the taskbar in Windows, this forces viewers to use Alt+F4 to close the existing window. But not all Windows users know about Alt+F4. Just thought I would bring this up to you.

thanks beta, i’ll work on it. I have to change a few things around anyway. thanks for catching those errors. I’m horrible at debugging code…can’t concentrate long enuff to look for errors…

I hope everything works out for you:)