Cinema 4D language optoins!

I have Cinema 4D, but the language is in German, anyone knows of changing it to english? your help would be appreciated.


have you bought that german version =) ?

not sure if they have language option in the software. I think you just got your hands on the wrong version so you will need to send it back to Maxxon and get the right version. But I could be wrong about c4d. Did you try the help files?

the Cinema4D is from my friend he gave me copy, but he bought in Germany co’z thats where he lives before moving here in London. Now that he’s back in Germany, i cannot ask him how to change the language to English.

I did try going into help, but i dont understand in either because its in German as well.

hahaha I did not think of that ::embarassed:: if you know his registration info you may be able to call them and work something out. Most softwares do not package multiple languages in one package as that would limit the money to be made. I believe you will have to contact them (maxxon) for a new copy.

or look for ‘language packs’ you probably won’t find anything though…