Circle menu

I am looking to make a continuous cicular movement menu. the buttons will revolve around the center of the movie and with mouse overs come to a slow stop… i have no clue how to do this…any help would be great. thanks in advance.

do i ask the wrong questions or in the wrong way? i am not asking to keep from having to learn on my own, i just am curious on how to make different effects.

I created this little thing a few months ago, I think it is exactly what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

hey this is pretty much exactly what i was looking for…thanks

just a couple questions.

i want more than 4 buttons…like 5 or 6 and do i have to have them all grouped together?

Yeah, just put all your buttons inside the movie clip called menu. :wink:

Forgot to mention something…

Use movie clips instead of buttons, otherwise the code will not recognize them and the effect will fail…

Or replace this line within the rotate function:

if (this[prop] instanceof MovieClip) {

With this one:

if (this[prop] instanceof Button) {


thanks alot man, this was exactly what i was looking for!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

btw, how do i slow down the acceleration?

By acceleration you actually means speed? If so, decrease the parameter max. Else, decrease the acceleration parameter.

hmmm. still getting a syntax error, i check the spelling and all that and still no bueno. trying to get the mcs to work as buttons

…And what’s the error you’re getting? :sigh: