City of Heroes / City of Villians

Some might wonder what I do with my computer these days. Obviously I’m not doing too much Flash work. Seems these days my system is more of a game system than a design station.

So I’ve been playing City of Heroes for half a year and these are some of the screen shots I’ve come up with from my adventures. There are a couple other characters that are not featured here but in general, these are my Victory Server regulars.

DC images

“Die Cast” - Robot, programed to believe he is a human playboy named Toby Spark. He believes that he seeks the adrenaline thrill of vigilantism, when in fact his higher self is manipulating him into fighting evil.

MW images

“Maui Wowee” - Ex pro surfer, this Crimefighter is the result of man’s disregard for the conservation of natural resources. Not much is said about Maui to avoid me getting kicked off the game for references to the noble weed.

OB images

“Obsidion” - One of a race of creatures who live deep in the core of the earth. They normaly would not interact in any way with the surface world. In Obsidion’s case, he was drawn to the surface by a group of magi. The result is that he is far from home and seeking a way back.

GF images

“Graveyard Flush” - Drowning victem of a turn of the century shipping liner accident in the Northern Atlantic. Mag was a mutant before death, and that mutation refused to allow the cells of her body to stop functioning. Her memory fragmented, and body drifting between this realm and the next, she found herself on the Shores of Paragon city almost a century after her death. Currently she feels a pull from a section of the city known as Dark Astoria. Her security clearance currently will not gain her access, and so she waits learning what she can. One day she will learn what calls her… she hopes that it is not her doom.

FP images

“Frost Paw” - When Frost Paw was mearly a kitten to a modest pride of Siberian Tiger, she was secreted away by a Russian Warlock. He trained her, enbued her, and eventually took her as a “Familiar”. She served loyaly in that capacity for two hundred years. When a war between houses left her master dead, she went out an avenged his passing. After a time with little to do, she felt something that she had been warned about long in the past. A memory from her master. “The Winter Lords will awake”, he said to her. “this is the day I prepare you for, so that you may help human kind repel their onslaught.” When that day finaly came, Frost Paw made her way to the nexis in Paragon city. Though the first wave of the Winter Lords is over, and the battle won, the war has just begun.

JB images

“Jaq Boots” - Jaq Boots was a cop for many years. Moving up through the ranks of Paragon City’s forces she came into the position of “independent task force unit 06231”. This position gives her the ability to requisition equipment from the National Guard depo stations and to put together a strike force from among the throngs of Paragon’s Heroes; with the mission statment to “undermine at all costs any and all criminal activity within Paragon City”.

“Synoptics” - my current “main”, or another words, my oldest and toughest toon. He’s an experiment by Rikti scientists, but you’ll have to play the game to know anything about them. He uses mind control to manipulate his enemies, and heal his allies.

“Bridgette O Ire” - my second oldest toon and probebely, though lower in level, far more powerful than Syn. Bridgette is the chosen protector of the realm of Ire. She was chosen by the sword “Miuera”, sister to Excaliber, and utilizes the mystic weapon in defense of the innocent and downtrodden. She is in Paragon helping that city’s heroes deal with the threats which face them in a Post Rikti world.

Few other toons in the mix as well… some dont’ exist any more and some like the Xae robots evolved into other toons like Die Cast