Claudio's scrollbar/textscroller

Hi there,

I’ve just discovered Claudio’s excellent scroller, but I’m having some problems getting it to work in FMX 04.

I’ve declared some of the variables properly, in a weak attempt to getting it to work, but no luck yet. I think I haven’t messed it up yet, but I guess the problems lies elsewhere.

BUT ! I wan’t to have it react different too. Right now you can scroll everything you want in the movieClip, but I would like to see it scroll just a textfield, with the ‘scroll’ method. Something like this:

function scrollText(sScrollDirection:String):Void {
if(sScrollDirection == “up”) {
} else {

I hope I’m not asking too much, but I would like some of the clever flash guru’s to give me a hand here, cuz I’m a bit confused and frustrated here :huh: