Clicking on an array? or setting up large image selection

i am creating a site that has about 40 images on it. i want each image to be clickable, and if its clicked i want the rest of the images to fade out and the one clicked to grow and be in the center. i know how to do this through coding each image as a movieclip, but what i want is to use an arrat to control of the images together. i have code like this but it doesnt work does anyone have any ideas? any help would be much appreciated.

Images[“pic1”] = {instance:mcone, price:15, quantity:0, sel:false};
Images[“pic2”] = {instance:mctwo, price:15, quantity:0, sel:false};
onEnterFrame = function (){
for(var g in Images){

Here i want to have the non-selected to fade and if this mc is clicked again to go back to original size, and all the other mc’s to fade back to 100 opacity.

if (Images[g].sel == true){

Images[g].instance._x = 275;
Images[g].instance._y = 200;
Images[g].instance._height= 300;
Images[g].instance._width = 300;

Images[g].instance._x = 80.7;
Images[g].instance._y = 150.05;
 Images[g].instance._height= 100;

Images[g].instance._width = 100;