Client side saving

Ok, Ive created a log-in set up using Flash Cookies. And suprise suprise it does not work. So to try and troubleshoot the problem area I put
and it comes up with “Undefined”.
So im wondering if the Data is not saving right?
I was going to post the .fla but it was too big for kirupa, so i tried to make the file smaller but it some how increased in size :expressionless:

Also, here is the code i have on the “Submit Register” button

on(release){ = name; = firstname;
//Tell the user they are registered

And here is the code for the log in section (after you register) - Please not this is not working

//Log user is te username text box and logpass is the password text box
if(loguser == && logpass =={
//go to the main game
//I cant get this to work :confused:
}else {