Using Cookies (non-edible)

Hello! I am working on a game that is too long to be played at one time. At this point, I Want to use a save system rather than passwords. I found a tutorial that gives this code:
AC for the save button:

on (release) {
_root.pos = sharedobject.getLocal("COOKIE NAME"); = _root.guy._x; = _root.guy._y; = _root.NAME;

AC for the load button:

on (release) {
_root.pos = sharedobject.getLocal("COOKIE NAME");
setProperty(_root.guy, _x,;
setProperty(_root.guy, _y,;
_root.NAME =;

This code is supposed to create a cookie ("COOKIE NAME) that holds, asuuming your character’s instance name is ‘guy’,
variables holding the guy’s _x and _y called guyx and
guyy (respectively), and a variable holding the player’s name called NAME. Now, the problem at hand here is that whenever I hit the load button, it comes up undefined. I have no idea why, please help!!!