Close Flash Window component?

Hi all!

Im currently working on a lite fix to ease the closing function of the popup windows in a flash presentation to our customers.

Right now i have used the Flash Window component, and the close button in the right corner are the only way to close the window. But are there some way possible to make it possible to close the window by clicking inside off it?

here are the AS code:

function open_popup(page_url, pageNumber) {
 if (zoom_win != undefined) {
 zoom_win = mx.managers.PopUpManager.createPopUp(_root, Window, true, {title:"Sidnummer: " + pageNumber, closeButton:true});
 zoom_win.createObject("ScrollPane", "zoom_pane", 0, {contentPath:page_url, _x:3, _y:31});
 zoom_win.setSize(popup_width, popup_height);
 zoom_win.zoom_pane.setSize(popup_width-3, popup_height-10);
 listenerObject = new Object(); = closeWindow;
 zoom_win.addEventListener("click", listenerObject);
 zoom_win._x = Stage.width/2-popup_width/2;
 zoom_win._y = Stage.height/2-popup_height/2;
 function closeWindow(eventObject:Object) {
 zooming = false;
 delete zoom_win;
 myBook.flipOnClickProp = true;
 myBook.autoFlipProp = 50;