Closing A Pulldown Menu When User Has Left The Pulldown Regoin?

Which button event in combination with the right graphic(s) (which I have already) will cause a pulldown menu to go to the collapsed stage?

Here’s the scenario -

I have 9 frames with a graphic used for the pulldown menu in its collapsed stae and 9 frames directly after that that has both the graphic (converted to button symbol etc…) from the first set of frames and the graphic / button’s that make up the pulldown menu in its expanded state. Each set of nine frames has a stop() command in a layer just above it that which spane the same number of frames as both of the other 9 frames.

I have the buttons that actually make up each pulled down selection set to track as menu item and each has the following code attched to the actions.

on (release) {

Then on a larger button (that is slightly larger than all of my pulldown menu selections combined) and placed behind those selections I have the following code attached to the actions.

on (dragOver) {

Right now when the movie is played the user presses down on the pulldown menu in its collaqpsed state and the playhead moves to the first frame of second 9 frames where the user then sees and IS able to scroll all of the selections, but as I have it set up above the pulldown menu only dissapears when the user clicks on one of the menu’s selections and not for eample when they leave the pulldown menu as is the normal way in which one expects them to behave!

Who can solve this one?

Your help is greatly appreciated!
James Deane - No, really!!